Azide Free "B-clone" Monoclonal Antibodies

B-Clone Antibodies to Cytokines, Chemokines and CD Antigens

Investigate your cellular assay systems with Cell Sciences "B-clone" range of biologically active monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies contain no sodium azide and are suitable for induction, activation, neutralization and inhibition studies. These are highly specific, high quality antibodies for a broad range of proteins including human CD antigens, cytokines, cytokine/chemokine receptors, adhesion molecules and apoptosis related antigens.

Cell Sciences B-Clone antibodies are useful for the investigation of innate and acquired immunity in many fields of research and are available for use in assay development.

Anti-Human Monoclonal Antibodies:

Specificity Clone Item # Biological Activity
CD2 B-E2 CDM024 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CD3 B-B11 CDM127 Induces T lymphocyte stimulation and proliferation
CD4 B-A1 CDM130 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CD10 B-E3 CDM143 Cytotoxic In association with rabbit complement on CD10+ cells
CD20 B-H20 CDM160 Cytotoxic in association with complement on CD20 cells
CD21 B-E5 CDM162 Induces human B-cell proliferation and competes with EBV for CD21 binding
CD25 B-B10 CDM001 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CD25 B-F2 CDM003 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CD28 B-T3 CDM171 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture. Co-stimulates T-cell proliferation
CD34 Class I B-G25 CDM175 Triggers KG-1a cell aggregation
CD40 B-B20 CDM180 Stimulates B-cell proliferation together with IL-4
CD44 Class I B-F24 CDM039 Triggers T-lymphocyte aggregation. Enhances Hyaluronan binding to CD44
CD54 B-H17 CDM045 Inhibits PHA stimulated T-cell proliferation
CD86 B-T7 CDM201 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CD95 B-G27 CDM068 Triggers Fas induced apoptosis
CD95 B-D29 CDM070 Inhibits FasL induced apoptosis
CD102 B-T1 CDM051 Inhibits cell adhesion and T-cell activation
CD106 B-K9 CDM054 Inhibits cell attachment to VCAM-1
CD117 B-K15 CDM203 Inhibits the KIT ligand induced proliferation of TF1 cell line
CD126 B-R6 CDM006 Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation of XG-1 cells
CD126 B-F19 CDM009 Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation of XG-1 cell line. Inhibits IL-6 binding to its receptor
CD130 B-R3 CDM012 Inhibits IL-6, IL-11, CNTF, LIF and OSM activities
CD130 B-K5 CDM015 Inhibits CNTF activity. Inhibits OSM binding to gp130
CD130 B-P8 CDM016 Inhibits CNTF activity and binding to gp130. Induces gp130 activation, Jak 1, Jak 2, Stat 1 and Stat 3 phosphorylation.
CD130 B-P4 CDM017 Inhibits IL-11 activity and binding to gp130, but not CNTF, LIF and OSM activities.
CD130 B-S12 CDM019 Activates cells carrying gp130. Induces gp130 activation, Jak 1, Jak 2, Stat 1 and Stat 3 phosphorylation.
CD178 B-R17 CDM073 Inhibits soluble CD178 induced apoptosis.
CD184 B-R24 CDM219 Inhibits HIV-1 infection.
CD202b B-B48 CDM229 Inhibits Tek-L / Tek binding.
CD253 B-S23 CDM076 Enhances TRAIL induced apoptosis.
CD253 B-T24 CDM080 Inhibits TRAIL induced apoptosis.
CD261 B-N36 CDM231 Neutralizes TRAIL induced apoptosis on HEL cell line.
CD262 B-K29 CDM234 Neutralizes TRAIL induced apoptosis of U937 cell line.
CD262 B-D37 CDM237 Agonist: induced apoptosis on Jurkat cells. Enhances TRAIL induced apoptosis of U937 cell line.
CD263 B-D44 CDM238 Inhibits TRAIL binding to TRAIL R3.
CDw218a B-E43 CDM241 Inhibits human IFN-gamma secretion induced by IL-18 stimulated cells.
CDw218b B-B46 CDM244 Inhibits human IFN-gamma secretion induced by IL-18 stimulated cells.
IFN-g B-B1 CDM256 Inhibits IFN-gamma induced proliferation.
IL-1 beta B-A15 CDM259 Inhibits IL-1 beta induced proliferation on D10S murine cell line.
IL-2 B-G5 CDM261 Inhibits IL-2 induced proliferation on CTL-L2 murine cell line.
IL-4 B-S4 CDM264 Inhibits IL-4 induced proliferation on TF1 cells.
IL-6 B-E8 CDM265 Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation on B9 cells.
IL-8 B-K8 CDM268 Inhibits IL-8 induced chemotaxis of human neutrophils.
IL-10 B-S10 CDM270 Inhibits IL-10 induced proliferation on MC/9 cell line.
IL-12 p35+p70 B-T21 CDM271 Inhibits IL-12 induced proliferation on PHA and IL-2 activated lymphocytes.
IL-12 p40+p70 B-P24 CDM273 Inhibits IL-12 induced proliferation on PHA and IL-2 activated lymphocytes.
IL-13 B-B13 CDM275 Inhibits IL-13 induced proliferation on TF1 cell line.
IL-15 B-E29 CDM282 Inhibits IL-15 induced proliferation on Kit 225 cell line.
IL-17A B-B51 CDM114 Inhibits the bioactivity of IL-17A on keratinocytes cell line HaCaT (measurement of defensin-2 production).
IL-17F B-F60 CDM288 Neutralizes the bioactivity of IL-17F on HT1080 cell line (measurement of IL-6 production).
IL-23 B-Z23 CDM115 Inhibits the bioactivity of rhIL-23 on mouse splenocytes C57BI/6 (measurement of mIL-17 or mIL-22 production).
NKp46 B-L46 CDM306 The biological activity is measured by the ability of the coated antibody to induce degranulation of activated NK cells and to enhance IFNγ secretion by non-activated NK cells.
NTR 1 B-N6 CDM341 Inhibits neurotensin binding to its receptor.
TNF-alpha B-C7 CDM276 Inhibits TNF-alpha induced cytotoxicity on U937 cells.